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  • How many ounces are in a bundle?

Approximately 3.5oz

  • Will I experience shedding?

 As with any hair, Layed Lovely will have some normal and expected hair-fallout. Some hair fallout will continue throughout the entire lifespan of your hair, which is an expected occurrence. You can minimize shedding/hair-fallout by sealing your wefts and maintaining your hair with utmost care.

  • How Long Will the Hair Last?

With proper care and maintenance your hair may last up to a Year if not longer.

  • What are the shipping options and processing times?

Delivery/Shipping is standard 3-5 business days. Please allow time for payments to clear, processing time and shipping which could take up to 10 business days (See shipping information).

Layed Lovely uses the United States Postal Service (USPS) as its preferred shipping courier. All tracking numbers are sent out to the customer Via email address provided at time of purchase.

Customers are fully responsible for all duties and taxes imposed by their country for the purchase. These fees are to be paid by you and can be significant. You are responsible for checking with your local government for rates. We will not refund an order because you do not want to pay taxes or duties charged by your local government agencies.

Processing Times-
Once you place your order with us you will receive an order confirmation. Please allow up to 1-10 business days for us to process your order. You will receive tracking information via email. Please keep in mind that we cannot be held responsible for issues related to carrier delays.

We are located and ship from Atlanta, Georgia USA.

Please see the Shipping tab for further detailed information

Note: Shipping during the holiday season could be delayed due to the inflow of shipments with the various couriers. We will continue to ship orders but please be patient the delay is not with Layed Lovely Collections.

FRAUDULENT ACTIVITY - If you are not in a position to honestly purchase your products; we suggest that you do NOT consider theft. We actively report all thieves. We prosecute to the fullest extent of the law!


  • How is the length of the hair measured?

Straight hair is measured in its natural state, but our wavy and curly hair is measured when stretched out. When ordering wavy hair, you may consider ordering 2 inches longer to accommodate your length. When ordering curly hair, you may consider ordering 4-6 inches longer to accommodate your desired length.

  • What is Co-Washing"?

A co-wash is when you wash your hair only using conditioner. The conditioner is used in this wash to provide your hair with moisture and shine, and also help hydrate the hair. Making sure you use cold water to wash it out so it seals in the moisture and locks the cuticles.

  • Can I color my hair?

RAW and Virgin hair can be dyed and/or bleached, however you still have to be careful as you would with your real hair. Extra care will be needed because the hair is not attached to the scalp and does not retain its own moisture, for example you must keep the hair hydrated and moisturized. Also, when you dye and/or bleach your virgin hair the hair is no longer virgin (it will then be chemically processed). If you bleach, dye or tint your hair you run the risk of drying out your hair and we cannot guarantee its longevity or curl patterns. We recommend that you see a professional stylist.

  • What is your return and exchange policy?

Layed Lovely Collections Federal law prohibits the return of human hair products that have been used and that includes “trying them on”. For sanitation purposes, used hair cannot be returned for refund or exchange (no exceptions). Please read the return policy thoroughly before making your purchase.

  • Is there a location where I can purchase hair?

Unfortunately, at this time we are an online based company with NO storefront for you to make a purchase. All orders must be placed online

  • How much hair will I need to create an entire style?

This answer will vary based on your individual preferences. Most people will be able to use 2 bundles as long as you don’t pass the 16 & 18" combination. If you like your hair very full, or longer than 18", you will want at least 3 bundles. 4 bundles or more will be a very, very, full style.

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