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About Layed Lovely

My Story

Layed Lovely was established in 2017 in Atlanta, GA the CEO is Latwanda Moore known by (Lil Bit). Our company offers the best grade Raw hair, we carry premium made closures, frontal's and wigs. Here at Layed Lovely Extension we provide the best affordable prices and Extension for our customers. But wait! You may ask what makes our hair so great from others. You can wash it, color it, blow dry it and even perm it if you want just as you would your own hair. As long as you properly maintain your hair, it will sustain its beauty and life. This growing company has many different textures and inches 14”-32”. We pay attention to our lovely customers and only want you to have the best experience possible with Layed Lovely.


About The CEO Latwanda (Lil Bit) Moore

“Growing up as a child I have always had the obsession for hair.” Mom would always buy me Barbie’s, and I would forever get in so much trouble for giving them a haircut.”  At the age of 16 my passion for hair grew stronger and stronger. In high school I started doing my own hair and later gained the talent to do hair for others. In 2014 I Graduated as a Licensed Master Cosmetologist, after hair school I later expanded my love for the beauty industry. Next came my compassion for cosmetics; make-up to be exact, I would spend hours watching YouTube tutorials and practicing different looks. By this time I have already started my business as a Hairstylist. Mind racing thoughts going throughout my head, I thought why not start doing make-up too? So that is exactly what I did, I became very successful with doing make-up and hair. The summer of 2016 I went back to college to obtain a Business Degree in Business Management with a specialization in Human Resources. With this I had big plans! Throughout that entire time I work so hard on a day to day base with my son, school, work, clients and other life obstacles. I Founded Layed Lovely Extension to help women find the best quality and affordable hair. I am a down-to-earth and humble individual who loves sharing, caring and supporting others goal and aspirations. My goal is to empower women everywhere to brace there beauty. “There is nothing wrong with wanting to do more for yourself to enhance your beauty.” Since becoming a Cosmetologist/ Make-up Artist and founding Layed Lovely, I have learned one important factor I would take with me forever and pass along to my son.” You work hard for what you like but you work even harder for what you love!” As a Hard working mother, busy student ,hairstylist/make –up artist  I am a firm believer and living proof that you can do whatever you want as long as keep god first, work hard for what you love and follow your dreams.

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