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Silk Pro Heat Premium 2" ceramic plated straightener 450℉-480℉ within 30 seconds and adjustable time frame for auto shut off from 30-120 minutes.

• Easy to clean plates. Guaranteed to make all hair look as silky as you want it. 

Do not use on hair that's isn't 100% human hair or Virgin because it will cause the hair to melt. 

Disclaimer: this Straightener is Not designed for everyday use on natural hair because it will cause heat damage.
Package contains: 2" Straighter
Hair Care Tip: To preserve life of your hair exstensions use heat protector. but dont use too much. If you use to much spray it will cause your hair to look Oily.

Hair Care Tip: always make sure you hair or bundles are freshly wash and free of any dirt and debris

Silk Pro Heat Premium

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