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Now offering pre made frontal wig reconstruction

What is a pre-made wig? A pre made wig is a wig that was made from a China company/vendor NOT a wig that was made by a stylist.

Frontal will be included inches 16” or 18” depending on the length of your wig if your wig is shorter in length I will cut it to blend with the length of your bundles.

Example: 12” or 14” wig I will use a 16” frontal and cut it to match its length.

****Styling and customization is not included in this service.

I will be removing the old frontal and attaching a new transparent frontal to your old factory made wig.

You must send me a picture and video of the inside of the wig via DM or email for a consultation.

After you drop off your wig this service will take approximately 3-10 business days depending on the volume of booking.

If you are in a rush please don’t book this service until you have time to wait on your unit.


All frontals are not made the same and may not fit properly.

With me using my own vendor, i know the width and length can be adjusted.

Pre-Made Frontal Reconstruction

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